Monday, January 9, 2017

1000-year-old Pioneer Cabin Tree collapse after storm

A healthy Pioneer Cabin tree stands in
Calaveras Big Trees State Park.

Nature gave us this beautiful tree and Mother Nature took it down. More than 1000 year-old Pioneer Cabin tree, known for its hollow center that allowed cars to pass through, collapsed during the intense storm that blasted California with heavy rain. 

The tree was fallen after heavy storm. The tree was laying in a pond with a river running through it. Calaveras Big Trees Association's Facebook page stated that -- the storm was just too much for the famed Sequoia, that was believed to be possibly more than 1,000 years old. 

An environment expert informed that the tree has shallow roots and its health was deteriorating. The tree had giant sequoia through which car can "drive-trough". 
Debris remains after the tree fallen

Famous Pioneer tree

The tree was hollowed out in the 1880s to allow tourists to pass through it, and even allowed cars, but more recently has hosted only hikers. It was part of the "Big Trees Trail" at the state park. A healthy Pioneer Cabin tree stands in Calaveras Big Trees State Park.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

पेट्रोलपंपावर मध्यरात्रीपासून डेबिट आणि क्रेडिट कार्ड स्वीकारणे बंद

शासन एकीकडे कॅशलेस च्या गोष्टी करते आणि दुसरीकडे बँके सरचार्ज लावून जास्तीत जास्त नफाखोरीचा कारभार करीत आहे.  एचडीएफसी बँकेच्या  डेबिट आणि क्रेडीट कार्डवरुन खरेदी केलेल्या सर्व प्रकारच्या इंधनावर 0.25% पासून 1% पर्यंत  चार्ज आकारणारऱ्यांच्या निर्णयाला विरोध म्हणून  कोणतेही डेबिट अथवा क्रेडिट कार्ड पेट्रोल पंपावर न स्वीकारण्याचा निर्णय ऑल इंडिया पेट्रोल असोसिएशनने घेतला आहे.

ऑल इंडिया पेट्रोल असोसिएशनने प्रतिनिधीच्या म्हणण्यानुसार, हा अतिशय तुघलकी निर्णय आहे. तसेच हा वाढीव खर्च म्हणजे डिलर्ससाठी वाढीव नुकसान आहे. पेट्रोल आणि डिझेल वितरकांना मिळणाऱ्या मार्जिनमध्ये अशा प्रकारच्या कोणत्याही चार्जची तरतूद नाही, हे देखील त्यांनी स्पष्ट केले.

एचडीएफसी बँकेने डेबिट अथवा क्रेडीट कार्डवर खरेदीसाठी स्वाईप मशिनवर नुकताच 1 टक्के कमिशन द्यावं लागणार असल्याचं बंधन सर्व पेट्रोल पंप चालकांवर घातलं आहे. जास्तीत जास्त नफा कमविण्यासाठी बाकी बँकही अशाच प्रकारचा निर्णय घेऊ शकतात. त्यामुळे जोपर्यंत यावर तोडगा निघत नाही, तोपर्यंत स्वाईप मशिनवर डेबिट आणि क्रेडीट कार्ड स्वीकारणार नसल्याचे प्रतिनिधींनी  स्पष्ट केलं आहे.

वास्तविक, या आधीपासूनच ग्राहकाला दिले जात असलेले 0.75% डिलर्सना परत मिळताना प्रमाणात मिळत नसून त्याचा हिशेब देखील दिला जात नाही. तेव्हा CIPD या राष्ट्रीय संघटनेच्या आदेशानुसार  दि 08 जानेवारी 2017 च्या मध्यरात्रीपासून पुढील तोडगा निघेपर्यंत पेट्रोल आणि डिझेल खरेदीची रक्कम डेबिट वा क्रेडिट कार्ड मार्फ़त स्विकारली जाणार नसल्याचे, ऑल इंडिया पेट्रोल असोसिएशनच्या वतीने स्पष्ट केलं आहे.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Travel in Maharaja's Express of Indian Railway

Interior of Maharaja's E

With an aim to attract more foreign tourist, the Indian Railway's IRCTC has panned launching of Maharajas' Express which will reportedly revolve around four metros as well as tourist destinations. The train - is the latest luxury train to be introduced in India. Dubbed India's equivalent to the Orient Express of Europe, this Maharaja train is rated by prestigious travel magazines and luxury guides as one of the greatest rail journeys in the world.

Maharajas' Express has been designed to redefine executive travel. But there's more to it than sheer class. With its 5 tastefully crafted rail journeys, it presents India in a way never seen before. Long before the arrival of colonial power, India used to be the land of maharajas. Kingdoms were founded, cultures flourished and art developed.

The Maharajas journeys are crafted to offer you a glimpse into this rich heritage and culture of India through: Fo brochure click here 
Maharaja's Express

  • Cultural immersions through insider experiences
  • Visits to forts and palaces replete with history
  • Guided tours to World Heritage Sites
  • Excursions into National Parks to witness untamed wildlife
  • Arrangement of folk dances at select destinations performed by local artists
  • Traditional Indian hospitality
  • A spacious wardrobe
  • Individual climate control
  • Luggage hold underneath the bed
  • 24hrs availability of paramedic on Board.
  • Electronic smoke detection systems & free Wi-Fi internet.
  • Live television and CCTV cameras for all public areas
  • Direct International dial telephone facility in each passenger cabin.
  • Attached washroom in all categories of room
  • Air Ambulance service in case of emergenciesSuites and Presidential Suites are also equipped with:
  • Mini Bar
  • Bathrooms with wash basin, WC, shower cubicle, a full bath tub with running hot and cold water
  • Spacious sitting areaThe Facilities that distinct the Maharajas Train with others:
  • Live television and CCTV cameras for all public areas
  • Most Spacious Passenger Cabins (Presidential Suite - 43.1 Sq. mt)
  • 24hrs availability of paramedic on Board
  • Air Ambulance service in case of emergencies
  • On Board water filtration plant.
  • Lactose Free Meals
  • Kosher Meal
  • Ovo Lacto Veg Meal
  • Gluten Free Meal
  • Jain Meal
  • Non Vegetarian Meal
  • Vegan Meal
  • Vegetarian Meal

Food in Maharaja's Express

Whereas the life off the train is designed to offer cultural interactions, life on board is all about refinement, opulence and elegance. All guest salons are been named after a precious stone or the Navratnas. Each coach incorporates the gemstone after which they are named as its motif. For optimum comfort and luxury, each guest cabins are equipped with:

Gourmet dining on board the maharaja train is arranged in 2 dining cars which are named Rang Mahal (Color Palace) and Mayur Mahal (Peacock Palace). The plates are fine Limoges, edged with gold, the glasses Swarovski hand-cut crystal and the cutlery monogrammed with the letter M. Variety of cuisine served on board include:

Guests could engage in recreational activities inside the Rajah Club - Lounge Car. Rajah Club has a well stocked library with general books and pictorial guidebooks offering glimpses of Indian Maharajas who used rule their kingdom before India became democracy. Board games and card games could also be enjoyed in Rajah Club over sip of your favorite wine. At one end stands the bar and at the other stands a souvenir shop named Treasure Chest from where you could buy mementos of this royal train journey.

Come live a Maharaja life now on board most luxurious train in the world. Embark on a saga of adventure, elegance and romance on board Maharajas' Express, which definitely is one of the finest travel experiences in the world, a journey like no other.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

CBI arrest RPF official for accepting bribe from scrap dealer

Anti-Corruption Wing of Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) arrested a Railway Protection Force (RPF) Inspector and his writer for accepting bribe worth Rs 8,000 from  a man who is accused in a Railway Act case. The trap was conducted at 4 pm when Inspector Unmeshkumar Charote and his writer constable Sunil Malkhede were at Nagbhid RPF station of South East Central Railway (SECR). 

According to information, Arif Khan, a scrap dealer of Chandrapur is accused under Railway Act case for stealing railway property. “RPF seized an Over Head Wire (OHE) from house of Khan in November and offence was registered under Railway Property (Unlawful Possession) Act, 1966,” said Divisional Security Commandant (SECR) Ramkumar Dubey. 

Khan was frequently called to RPF station during course of investigation. Inspector Charote and his writer asked Khan to pay Rs 5,000 to manage the case and avoid frequent trips to RPF post. Khan complained to CBI about the demand.

The CBI officer laid a trap at RPF post and sent Khan and briefed him as to how to go about the trap. Khan entered the chamber of Charote and gave Rs 5,000 to him. Meanwhile, the CBI officers were hearing the discussion on mobile phones. The staff immediately entered in the chamber and nabbed the RPF Inspector and constable. 
The CBI have recorded statements of Charote and Malpage and booked them under various sections of Prevention of Corruption Act. 

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Dangal to cross Rs 400 crore mark

MR. Perfectionist Aamir Khan’s "perfect" performance in Nitesh Tiwari directed Dangal is slowly crssoing all records and emerging as a bigger winner. The movie is expected to set new record of Rs 400 crore very soon. Ticket counters for the movie are full and film distributers are happy with the love of audience they are getting at domestic front. Recent updates about Dangal’s box office collections prove that it will soon take over Sultan, which is so far
Dangal movie poster
the biggest profit generator of 2016.

Bollywood experts are expecting Dangal to cross Rs 400 crore very soon and set a new benchmark in the industry. Currently, Rs 300 crore club includes PK, Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Sultan. All these moves are Shared by Salman and Aamir Khan.

Salman Khan starrer Sultan has earned a total of Rs 300.45 crore at the domestic box-office and currently enjoys the distinction of being the highest Bollywood grosser of 2016.

Dangal was released on December 23 last year. The movie is teal life story of of wrestler Mahavir Singh Phogat and his life struggle to make his daughters world-class wrestlers. 

Sultan's story is an Indian romantic sports-drama. Directed by Ali Abbas Zafar, the film also stars Salman Khan Anushka Sharma and is the story about Sultan Ali Khan, a fictional wrestling champion from Haryana whose successful career creates a rift in his personal life.

BJP office set on fire in West Bengal

Angry over arrest of Trinamool Congress leaders, the TMC party workers on Wednesday attacked and set on fire an office of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in West Bengal’s Hooghly district. The incident panicked BJP workers in the West Bengal. Senior BJP leaders are reportedly worried about the safety of party workers in West Bengal. The TMC workers are alleging misuse of CBI by BJP.

BJP office set on fire at Hoogly
According to News Agency ANI's reports, TMC workers set ablaze the BJP office during a rally in Chuchura. This was the second time in the last two days that the BJP’s office in the state was attacked by ruling party’s activists.

On Tuesday evening, the students’ wing of the TMC had attacked the BJP’s headquarters in to protest against the arrest of party MP Sudip Bandyopadhyay by the CBI in connection with Rose Valley Chit Fund Scam.

Former Hooghly district BJP president Krishna Bhattacharya was also injured yesterday late night when a TMC worker allegedly hurled bomb at the leader’s house. At around 9.30 pm, TMC-led miscreants attacked Bhattacharya's house.

During the attack, the leader was allegedly beaten up by a group of people before ransacking her house. Bhattacharya was immediately rushed to hospital for medical relief.

Union minister Babul Supriyo also claimed that TMC workers tried to break open the gate of his apartment in Kolkata. “TMC goons trying to break open the gate of my apartment in Kailash Bose Street where my mother, father are staying. What a shame,” he tweeted along with a video.

A group of TMC activists staged a demonstration outside the CBI’s state headquarters at Kolkata to protest against the arrest of Sudip and Pal.

Sudip, TMC’s Parliamentary Party leader, was arrested by CBI in Kolkata on Tuesday for his alleged involvement in the Rose Valley Group's ponzi scam and brought to Bhubaneswar late last night. Earlier, CBI had arrested another TMC MP Tapas Pal on the same charge and kept him in remand for three days.

Senior BJP leaders are continuously monitoring the situation. A delegation of BJP state unit is expected to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union minister Rajnath Singh for security of the party workers in the state. 

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Reliance Jio to offer only 1GB internet per day

After realising that the consumers are using much more data per day, the Reliance Jio has set Data cap for high-speed free Internet. Users can use only 1GB High Speed Internet per day under new -- Happy New Year offer. Earlier, the Data cap was 4 GB per day.

The promotional offer will continue till March 31. Jio expecting to reach 100 million users in next three months. After the expiration of company's Welcome Offer on December 31 last month, Reliance Jio's Happy New Year Offer has come into effect from Sunday and set the per day data cap (high-speed) for all service users at 1GB. As part of the promotional offer, users will be able to make unlimited phone calls and enjoy 1GB of free high-speed data per day till March 31.

On December 1, the company's Chairman Mukesh Ambani announced that the company was extending its free services till March 31 through its Jio Happy New Year Offer, which was applicable to all the SIM cards acquired from December 4. 

Those users who were previously availing the Welcome Offer are eligible to continue using the free services under the Jio Happy New Year Offer till March 31, but with the daily cap of high-speed 4G data reduced to 1GB after December 31. Users will also be able to recharge to avail high-speed data once they hit their daily limit.